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In-Home Doctor Visit Services

We know getting to the hospital or clinic can be difficult – we have to deal with traffic, wait times at the reception or OPD and other delays. Our goal is to make appointments as easy as possible for you and your loved ones!

With InnovoMD our doctors visit you in the comfort of your home. Our doctors can spend as much time as you want so you don’t have to feel rushed. Just give us a call to check to try us out!

24 Hour Nursing Care

Our team of registered nurses provide our customers with quality care. Our team works closely with you, your primary doctor and family to provide you the best care to prevent future injuries or illness. 

Our Nursing services include:

  • Conducting a complete assessment of your current condition
  • Developing and implementing an individualized care plan
  • Administering treatment and medications
  • Working with your pharmacy on any medication changes
  • Updating your physician about health changes and progress
  • Directing other members of the home care team (e.g., home health aides, and personal care assistants) Cleaning, observing, and dressing wounds
  • Teaching basic tasks of care to family members

InnovoMD is your Health Advocate

When a referral is made to other health care providers, specialists or institutions, InnovoMD Health Advocates will work with you and your family to coordinate care services among the various providers to help you achieve your health and personal goals. Our Health Advocates are highly trained and qualified nurses and physician assistants who have several years of experience in managing complex health cases. Our Health Advocacy services include:

  • Booking appointments for tests and procedures
  • Attending appointments with you – in some case we provide transportation
  • Have a complete and detailed understanding of your needs
  • Represent you and your family at hospitals, clinics, labs and imaging centers
  • Communicate all health information to you, your family, other clinicians, specialists and care givers
  • Ensure all medical records are in one place

Other InnovoMD Services

Pharmacy Services

Working in partnership with your doctor, our licensed and certified pharmacist will provide comprehensive counseling on dosage, warn of drug interactions and side-effects you may be experiencing.

Laboratory Services

InnovoMD provides laboratory services to support the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patient problems and clinical conditions. Our laboratory staff collect blood, urine, and other samples to perform tests and analysis at licensed and accredited laboratory centers in Ghana.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical therapists will assist in treating a wide variety of muscle and bone conditions such as back and neck pain, athletic injuries and work-related injuries. For stroke patients, the goal of our physical therapy is to have the stroke patient relearn simple motor activities such as sitting, standing, walking, and regain as much function as possible. Our physical therapists are well trained, compassionate and caring professionals who are eager to see you succeed.

Occupational Therapy

This type of therapy also involves exercise and training. Its goal is to help the stroke patient relearn everyday activities such as eating, drinking and swallowing, dressing, bathing, cooking, reading and writing, and using the toilet. Occupational therapists seek to help the patient become independent or semi-independent.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps stroke patients relearn language and speaking skills, or learn other forms of communication. Speech therapy is appropriate for patients who have no problems with cognition or thinking, but have problems understanding speech or written words, or problems forming speech. With time and patience, a stroke survivor should be able to regain some, and sometimes all, language and speaking abilities.

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